VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, which is the process of using the internet to transmit phone calls rather than old copper phone lines. The voice stream is broken down into packets, compressed, and sent through your high speed internet connection. Ours uses the secure network of a major CRTC licensed telecommunication company unlike many of our competitors who use unreliable routes across the public internet.
Simply click on Home Phone Pricing and select the plan that best suits your calling needs. You’ll be taken through our simple three step subscription process.
Yes! We have a very strict Privacy Policy. We do not share any of your information with anyone – except emergency response personnel when you call 911. Please refer to our Privacy Policy on this website for more information.
New phone numbers can be activated immediately if you have your own “Home PHone Kit” (ATA). If you choose to keep your existing number, or if you order your Home Phone Kit on-line, we usually need about five days to “port” your number form your existing phone company and ship your Kit.
Do not contact your existing phone provider until after your number has been successfully transferred to us. We’ll send you an email and let you know when it’s complete. Cancelling your existing service any earlier can result in your number being lost.
Yes – your phone service will continue to function until we transfer your number. Make sure you don’t cancel your current service until after this date.
Please click on Features to review the great features – like voicemail-to-email and find-me/follow me – that you’ll enjoy for free. And learn how you can manage your features and call handling using our on-line Customer self-help portal.
Your Home Phone Kit will work anywhere in the world as long as you can connect to high speed internet. If you want a new local number when moving, simply contact us. And NOTE that if you relocate , it’s a MUST to visit the on-line Customer self-help portal (login on our site) and UPDATE YOUR 911 INFORMATION so that we know where to find you.
You’ll be billed monthly and charges will appear on your Visa or MasterCard that you provide at the time of subscription.
We’d hate to say goodbye, but since you aren’t in a contract we only require that you call us 30 days in advance to provide verbal notice that you’d like to have your account closed (we’ll do a confirmation before terminating). If you’re leaving for an extended period of time but would like to resume service at a later date, you may opt to have us suspend your account until you return.
Yes as a TalkON Home Phone subscriber, you get access to E911 services when you consent to TalkON to forward your private user data to the emergency dispatch centre at the time of your enrolment. We ask that you ensure that data is accurate and correct each time you visit the on-line Customer self-care portal (login on this website). Be sure to read and understand the limitations of E911 VoIP service which are clearly outlined on this website.
VoIP 911 service has certain limitations relative to traditional 911 services that are available on most traditional telephone services. Because VoIP transmits calls over the internet,there are certain factors such as power outages, network congestion and internet service interruptions that can affect your ability to connect on a 911 call. Be sure to read and fully understand the E911 limitations which are clearly outlined on this website.
Be prepared to confirm your location and telephone number with the operator who answers the 911 call since the operator may not have up-to-date information. It is also recommended to keep your 911 Information up-to-date because if necessary, the central call centers can access alternate contact information in severe emergency situations. It is also encouraged to not hang up until told to do so, and to call back if you get disconnected, as immediately as possible.
VoIP 911 service may not be available during a power outage and will be unavailable during a broadband internet outage.
Keeping updated information is a way of ensuring that your location information is kept current with your VoIP service provider. Since the operator may assume that you are at the last registered address if you are not able to speak during a 911 call, this information is used to accurately connect you to the appropriate emergency response center, and subsequently the appropriate emergency response.
As a VoipEmpire Home Phone subscriber, the information is easily changed by visiting the TalkON on-line Customer self-care portal (login on this website) – or email Customer Service with your request and we’ll contact you to confirm details.
E911 stands for Enhance 911. It is an enhanced version of the 911 emergency services you might be used to. When you use this service, your personal information like name and address and an alternate phone number are automatically given to your local dispatch center or Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) to help locate you during a crisis. Of course, you need to keep your information up-to-date.
Yes! We use compatible standards that works on all popular browsers. We haven’t been made aware of one that doesn’t support this great feature.